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+ Donny has a Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies.
+ 5 years as children's pastor at Crossroads Church in Turlock
+ 5th grade teacher
+ 3 years as an associate pastor
+ 20 years of magically creating good programs

Donny captured the spirit of our night’s theme (honoring our volunteers) and connected it with Scripture in a way that both blessed and amazed our congregation!  Donny holds a unique way of connecting the Word of God with magic that reminds me a lot of how Jesus may have amazed his crowds with miracles.  Ironically he spoke on John the Baptist and performed much like him, pointing to the One who is greater than us all (Jn. 3:30).  He wowed our children, caused our adults to ask, “How’d he do that,” and continually pointed to Christ and the Word of God with his show.  Thank you, Donny!         Wes Ehrhart -Pastor of Ministry Development   

Pathway Fellowship

“Donny Crandell presented the Gospel message in humorous and interactive ways that engaged the children in the lesson.  He was able to present spiritual truths through illusions and activities that made the children want to learn more.”

Joyce Baergen  Harvest Church Children's Ministries, Elk Grove, CA

Hi Donny,

Just wanted to say "thanks" and tell you what a great job you did for our
Christmas on B Street party for our inner-city kids. I was confident that
they would love you and they did.

Through the years the church has had many illusionists to entertain our kids. You're the best!  You are talented enough that you do not need the pizzazz of "big" staging or "big" tricks to totally captivate your audience. Your personality and humor relaxes the audience and there is "buy-in". You kept the attention of the 4 year olds as well as the adults. No discipline was needed because their eyes were on you the whole time!

Thanks again!

Joyce Jordan
Minister of Christian Education
Crossroads Community Church
Yuba City, CA


Call to ask for a demo DVD or for any questions.  Summer is the busiest time, but Donny is available all year round.


Donny Crandell has been at Spirit West Coast 5 times!  Your church will also want to see his many themes.

Serving Northern California and beyond!
Donny Crandell, 209-324-4904 Pacific Standard T.