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The Valley Magician's assembly gets a gold star!

   "We've had a lot of school assemblies and Donny Crandell was the best one yet"
   Alexa Orth - Muncy Elem. School Improvement Program Sec

Teachers LOVE this assembly about good work habits!
    STAR Students:
Stay on task
Transition quietly
are Attitude ready
are Responsible
Donny uses magic to encourage students to follow the above points so they can be STAR students!  A GREAT way to reinforce what the teachers most desire in their students.  As a former 5th and 6th grade teacher Donny Crandell knows how important to overall learning the S.T.A.R. points can be!


Red Ribbon Month, Magic with food and messages about tobacco, alcohol, and drugs help students remember how to become and stay healthy! Call early for Red Ribbon Week, but remember the whole month is Red Ribbon.
Count on Character: Donny Crandell comes as a referee to teach the kids about beind and doing their best.  Treat the classroom, recess, and homework as if you are a member of a team.  Are you someone that others can count on?  Are you on time?  Attentive?  A hard worker?  Practice to get it right?  Students learn that they can be someone others can count on.

Scroll, Spinning

This was the number one requested assembly last year!   "It really made a difference in our students' attitude toward the tests." 
Rest before the test!
Eat a good breakfast!
It's okay to Guess!
Just do your best!
Try to finish the test!

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