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Evangelist and magician, Donny Crandell:
          + Seminary graduate
          + Licensed minister
          + 5th grade Christian School teacher
          + Former Children's Pastor
Both Reverend and referee! 

“Donny’s program is the perfect finish to an Upward program,” Mark Washburn, Pastor to Children & Families 1st Baptist Church , Stockton , CA 

Donny also ministered recently at these Upward programs:
Baptist Church – Lodi , CA

Sonrise Community Church – Turlock , CA

1st Baptist Church – Ventura , CA

Donny Crandell is known as both Reverend and as referee.  For 5 years he was the children's pastor at one of the largest churches in the valley.  And he also refereed local high school basketball games!  Donny now teaches 5th graders at a Sacramento area Christian school and ministers on weekends and summers.

Donny loves what he does and you will too!  Sacramento has a great airport with decent prices to most other airports. 

     Upward Awards Ceremonies need to cater to a wide age range, and Rev. Donny Crandell has the background to do that.  His background as 6th grade teacher, children's pastor, youth worker, and adult preacher let him know how to reach all ages. 
     Donny travels solo to cut travel costs.  Again, let us know your budget and we will do our best to work with your league!  You can cut down on travel costs by booking Donny on the same weekend as another nearby group. 

Families come to see their kids on the stage, so Donny loves to use audience volunteers in the tricks!




Serving Northern California and beyond!
Donny Crandell, 209-324-4904 Pacific Standard T.